Bouncy Ball Sex 101

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 | Naughty Guide

Bouncy Ball Sex 101

When it comes to sex, it's easy to just drift into a routine with your lover.

The same positions, day in and day out, it's human nature to form schedules and stick to them.

But if you don't want to risk your relationship going stale, you need to think about spicing things up, either by varying when and where you have sex, or by changing the way you do it.

Try and think outside of the box by trying new things.

Being able to surprise your lover with spontaneous sex, especially with techniques neither of you have tried before, will keep sex exciting, and will always have your lover trying to second guess what you're going to do next.

If you're not predictable, then he's always going to stay interested!

I've put together 10 sex positions which all use an exercise ball. You know the ones I mean - those big bouncy blow-up balls you see people rolling around on in the gym.

But there are so many more things you can do with it, including using it to have great sex. The ball allows you to rock back and forth and offers deeper penetration.

By using one to have sex, you're also going to be keeping yourself toned and fit.

I've tried every one of these positions, so they all get my personal seal of approval!

So next time you're planning to a naughty little rendezvous, introduce the bouncy ball into the mix and give yourselves a great workout as well as great sex.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 1 - The BJ Bounce | Naughty Guide

Position 1- The BJ Bounce

Get your lover to sit on the ball and spread his legs so he can balance evenly. Have him reach behind and rest his hands on the ball so he's steady and won't fall off.

Kneel between his legs and prepare to give him a blow job. Place both your hands on the ball and use it to rock him so his cock pushes in and out of your mouth effortlessly.

The gentle movement of the ball makes it easy to establish a rhythm that suits both of you.

Use your legs, as well, either in tune with the ball to rock your body forward, or go against the rhythm of the ball so that his cock thrusts deeper into you when your mouth and his cock meet (if you want to deep throat him.)

Top tip: If you don't want to deep throat him, keep one hand on the base of his shaft, and with lube stroke him as you suck him using your grip to determine how far down your throat he goes.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 2 - The Rockin BJ | Naughty Guide

Position 2 - The Rockin BJ

Have your lover stand straight in front of the ball, his legs a few paces apart.

Position the ball a a few inches away from him and lean over it as though you were about to roll towards him on it, keeping your knees on the ground.

Use your body and knees to push yourself forward, so you eventually meet his cock with your mouth. To start with, just brush his cock with your lips before the momentum of the rocking motion pulls you back.

Keep repeating this, but every time you touch his cock with your mouth, take a little more of him inside.

Use one hand on his cock to control how much of him enters you (either take a hold of him as you rock towards him, or keep one hand on him and use that leverage to pull yourself forward).

The great thing about this position (for him) is that he doesn't have to move an inch, he just stands there as he watches your mouth come to meet his cock.

For you, it's a good excuse to drive him wild, teasing him with little licks and sucks and kisses every time you rock up to him, before deciding when to start taking him deeper into your mouth.

Eventually, you can put him out of his misery by taking his whole length inside you in one fast 'plunge.'

Top tip: Your lover can hold your head as you rock if he likes to have a little control, but really this is a perfect position for you to tease him like crazy.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 3 - The Rocker | Naughty Guide

Position 3 - The Rocker

Your lover should sit on the ball first with his legs either side and feet on the floor for good balance - he is the one who will be in control of the rocking so he needs to have good balance.

Next, you sit on top of his cock, again with your legs either side and your feet on the floor.

Start rocking as you have sex - your lover can use the rocking motion to penetrate you deeper and deeper as you fuck.

Equally, you can ride him by pushing your toes into the floor and determining the direction and speed. Take turns to decide the level of penetration, but just remember to hold onto each other tight!

Top tip: The closer your bodies are to each other, the better this move will work.

The ball is very comfortable so you can spend a while in this position, just kissing, stroking and fucking as slowly and intimately as you want.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 4 - The Rear Rocker | Naughty Guide

Position 4 - The Rear Rocker

Bend over the ball and rock yourself forward as though you're going to roll right over it. At this point, your lover should be behind you, ready to pick up your legs, which you then wrap back around his butt to fix yourself into position.

Your lover can then enter you from behind and use the weight of your body on the ball to rock you back and forth onto his cock.

You can also determine the rhythm and depth of penetration by using your hands on the floor in front of the ball to push yourself back or pull yourself forward.

Your lover should be holding your waist for balance, so it's similar to how he would usually fuck you from behind, but the ball offers ease of rhythm and gives both of you less work to do, physically.

Let the ball push him into you, and vice versa, and enjoy how effortless it is.

Top tip: This is also a naturally excellent position for anal sex.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 5 - The Doggie Roll | Naughty Guide

Position 5 - The Doggie Roll

Lie over the ball with your whole body, as though you're hugging it, feeling how the ball molds itself to your skin.

Your knees should be just above the ground with your toes and ankles taking most of the rear weight.

Push your hands down into the ground in front of you so you're totally balanced. Your lover can then bend down slightly and, with his hands on your hip bones, enter you from behind, like the traditional doggie-style.

Then, he can start thrusting, which should gently start rocking the ball underneath you. Push with your hands to create resistance, which means he can penetrate you much more deeply.

He'll be doing most of the work, so just hug the ball with your thighs and upper arms, and let him find a rhythm that suits both of you.

Top tip: This is also another great position for anal sex.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 6 - The Pussy Pleaser | Naughty Guide

Position 6 - The Pussy Pleaser

This might take some practice as you'll need to know how to balance as you get carried away! Sit back on the ball with your legs spread, resting your weight on your elbows.

Get your lover to sit between your knees, then wrap your legs around his neck. Get him to push his face into your pussy while he hooks his hands around your butt and pelvis area, so he has something solid to hold onto.

As he eats you out, start rocking slightly, pushing your pussy harder into his face. He can also use his grip on your butt to pull you deeper into his mouth as his tongue pushes up inside you.

Top tip: Depending how supple you are, try leaning right back so your breasts face upwards and your head is upside down.

Your lover can then use his other hand to stroke your belly and breasts as he eats you.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 7 - The Ass Squater | Naughty Guide

Position 7 - The Ass Squater

Another great position to give you maximum pleasure. Stand up in front of the ball, your legs spread slightly. Use your hands to reach behind yourself and part your butt cheeks.

Next, get your lover to lie over the ball on his back, so his face is between your legs, looking straight up at you.

He can then reach up and wrap his hands around your waist for balance, as he starts eating you out.

Squat at intervals, so you can push your pussy harder into his face and let him work you with his tongue.

As you feel yourself begin to climax, your legs will feel a bit weak, but try and stay standing so you can come over his face.

Top tip: If you feel you need extra support as you start to come, lean forward and rest your hands on the ball, either side of your lover's cock.

The sight of his erection as you come will intensify your orgasm, and you can even have a little taste of him while you're down there!

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 8 - The 69 Rocker | Naughty Guide

Position 8 - The 69 Rocker

This position carries on from the one above. Stand as you were before as your partner gets into place, lying on his back across the ball with his hands reached outside your legs and onto your bum so he can support himself.

Once his face is aligned with your pussy, lean forward and rest your breasts on his chest, so your face is positioned directly over his cock.

Use your hands to stroke him at the same time as you blow him, paying attention to his balls as well as his cock. Your lover's hands on your bum means he can spread your cheeks and penetrate you deeper with his tongue, as well as get access to your asshole, too.

He will have more control over motion, using your butt to push or pull you back and forth onto him, which will also determine how deep you go onto his cock.

Top tip: If you slide your body a little further up towards his feet, your lover can get better access to your asshole and you'll be able to tit-fuck his cock.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 9 - The Reverse Rocker | Naughty Guide

Position 9 - The Reverse Rocker

Get your lover to sit on the ball in a standard position.

You then sit on top of his cock, your back towards him, either with your legs either side of his, or his legs spread so yours sit in between.

Next, lean forward and put your hands on his knees, your lover holding your hips for balance. Use the ball to rock back and forth and find your rhythm.

As you go, switch things up a bit by pushing with your feet so you're bouncing up and down on him. This position offers many different sensations based on rhythm, direction and depth of penetration.

Allow a rhythm to build, then exploit the bounciness of the ball by thrusting as fast as you can manage as you both reach climax.

Top tip: Your lover can also use one of his hands to reach in front of you and stroke your clit as you rock/bounce.

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 Position 10 - The Doggie Bounce | Naughty Guide

Position 10 - The Doggie Bounce

Get onto all fours on the ground, as though you were about to be fucked doggie-style.

Your lover then perches on the edge of the ball and rocks forward so he can penetrate you. He should put his hands on your hips for support, and also so he can pull himself out and push himself back in, in a regular, increasing rhythm.

Use your solid position on the ground to push your body back against him, which you can do with the rhythm, or against it, depending how rough you want to be.

Increase the pace as you go, either moving in time with your lover or staying as still as possible so he can penetrate your more deeply.

Top tip: This can be a great starter position for anal sex as the rocking motion can be very gentle.

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