Lingerie isn't Just for Taking Off

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Why Lingerie Isn't Just For Taking Off...

Lingerie is probably the sexiest clothing we wear.

It makes us feel sexually confident about ourselves and has an obvious and powerful impact on those who are lucky enough to see us wearing it.

But once we've wooed and seduced and entranced our lovers, what usually happens to lingerie? It comes off.

But wearing lingerie should never be just for the benefit of others, it should be worn to empower us, to excite us, to get us off.

My first time

When I was twelve years old, I remember seeing the Victoria's Secret catalog for the first time.

I flipped through those pages in absolute awe, amazed and enthralled by the images of such sexy, confident women.

I wanted to be one of those girls, or at least have their self-assured sassiness and sex appeal.

So, with my hard-earned babysitting money I picked out the perfect piece of lingerie I liked the most and imagined what I'd look like in it.

At twelve, I obviously didn't have the breasts that these gorgeous models had, so I didn't order anything from the bra or brassiere section.

I also knew I wanted something I could wear easily around the house, something sexy but classy, something to make me feel feminine and special.

I ended up choosing a floral chemise and I couldn't wait for it to arrive.

When it did, I remember opening up the package and being so proud of my new lingerie, it was incredibly exciting for the twelve-year old me and it made me feel quite naughty but very grown-up at the same time.

I wore the chemise every day when I was home. Even at such a tender age, I was immediately aware of how the feel of lingerie on my body could transform the way I felt.

Not just that, but it also changed the way I carried myself.

I'd find that I was walking around with more confidence, head high, shoulders back, each step purposeful and poised.

I felt so sexy in my gorgeous little chemise and I knew that part of the thrill was that nobody else knew I was wearing it but myself and my mother.

I didn't want anyone else to know, either. This was something I bought for myself, to make me feel good.

I loved that feeling of empowerment and it is something I feel to this day.

For (mostly) your eyes only

So lingerie shouldn't always be for showing off to other people, or for anyone else's benefit but your own.

This is especially true if you're single, because you should never need a reason to wear sexy underwear and feel great about your own body.

I love buying new lingerie and just wearing it around the house or under my day clothes.

That makes me feel even more empowered because I'm showing myself that I am the most special person in my life, nobody else.

Finding your comfort zone

So think about just how simple it is to feel instantly sexy every morning, slipping into a gorgeous satin set of bra and panties before you pull on your work clothes.

Even if you have the dullest job in the world, knowing how hot you look underneath your business suit will make you feel that little bit sexier all day, and that's going to show on the outside, too.

Try experimenting with different looks when you're out, too, like wearing a lacy bra underneath a sexy, sheer top.

You're showing off your sexual confidence but also being subtle and discreet.

Sometimes less is more, so explore lingerie/outerwear combinations which can offer a hint of what's underneath without being too blatant.

This will add to your allure as well as make you feel more in control of your sexuality.

In the evening, I always slip into something sexy and comfortable.

I love how satin or lace feels against my bed sheets and skin and it can trigger some very sexy dreams as I fall off to sleep!

If I'm with a lover, I might keep my lingerie on but make sure it's a super-sexy set, with crotchless panties or a demi-bra which shows a cheeky amount of cleavage.

Garters and stockings are also incredibly erotic, especially if you wear them without panties.

Again, you don't need a lover present to feel the thrill of dressing in such sexy lingerie - don't be afraid to satisfy yourself if the mood takes you.

Learning to suit yourself

The basic rule is to buy and wear whatever makes you feel sexy, it doesn't have to be anything outrageous.

Some women might be into really naughty, kinky lingerie while others feel just as sexy in cotton chemises and underwear, or robes and tank tops.

The only thing that matters is that you feel sexy, desired and confident, and that means different things for different people.

Personally, I like all kinds of lingerie, from beautiful silk robes that make me feel like a 1950s Hollywood goddess, to sexy 'Beach Bunny' lace pants, form fitting tank tops and basic bra & panties.

Just pay attention to your own mood and 'who' you feel like being at the time.

I like to mix things up and role play from time to time, but even though I'm happy to seduce a lover with a sexy new lingerie outfit, I get far more enjoyment and arousal out of wearing it just for myself.

So whether you live alone, are married and/or have kids, find time to slip into something that you find sexy.

Just because you're a mother doesn't mean you can't be sexy - chemises, silk robes and kimonos feel wonderful.

Or just because you're single it doesn't mean you shouldn't spoil yourself with sexy lingerie. Even if you want to walk around in a bra and panties in front of the kids, that's fine if you're comfortable with it.

My own mom walked around naked all the time when I was a child (something I do all the time now along with wearing my lingerie,) which is why I've always felt so comfortable in my own skin because I was brought up to never be ashamed of my body.

You just have to go with what you feel comfortable with, otherwise you're not going to feel sexy at all.

Get shopping!

There are so many places to find some super sexy lingerie.

If you like to try things on or feel fabrics before you buy, then try chain stores like Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur, which you can find in most major cities.

If you're happy to purchase online (when you can get some really good bargains and discounts,) there's a whole host of seductive lingerie and accessories at my online store, Sienna Sinclaire Sex Shop.

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