Spring Clean Your Closet

Ways To Make Your Closet Sexy

Too often a woman gets her closet cluttered with clothes that don't reflect her true style, impulse purchases, 'skinny outfits' or outdated accessories.

A naughty girl has a busy lifestyle and doesn't need to be weighed down by digging through her old or irrelevant wardrobe pieces.

Instead, you should feel empowered and excited when you throw open your closet doors to plan your look for the day.

Everything should have a place, so you can keep track of what you have.

No more finding a shirt you forgot you purchased or realizing you pulled something on that has a stain.

Keep your closet together and you're on the right track to keeping your life together as the consummate naughty girl.

Keep it sexy

Too often we find ourselves stuck in a clothing rut of what's comfortable and easy versus what makes us actually feel good about ourselves.

That's why you've got to get in the right mindset before you start to clean out your closet. Ask yourself, what allows me to enjoy my femininity?

What makes me feel beautiful and sexy? What do I feel my most empowered in?

Remove It

Now that you're in the right frame of mind, it's time to open up your closet door(s) and see what's inside.

If the lighting isn't great in your closet, then remove items, so you can thoroughly examine them.

Before you're done with this project, consider heading to a hardware store and buying a stick-on battery-operated light to put in your closet for future use so you can see your clothes better.

Sort It

Once you have all of your items out, start sorting.

Separate clothing in a way that makes sense to you. You can go for type-casting, putting jeans together, sweaters, dresses, etc.

Or you can try separating by season. Either way this allows you to take stock of what you have in terms of volume.

This is actually more fun than you might initially anticipate.

Turn on your favorite dance music, make a cocktail or take a page out of Carrie Bradshaw's book and invite your besties over to get second opinions.

Get Rid of It

• Get rid of everything that has a stain or hole in it.

Some things can be mended, it's true.

But only save something in that circumstance if you wear it often and it makes you feel like a million bucks.


• Eliminate anything that's too small, even your 'skinny' clothes.

Don't keep items that make you feel bad about yourself or the body you use to have. It's one thing to do things to get fit and stay healthy but as we age our bodies change and we aren't size we use to be in our 20s.

Our bodies change from aging, having kids, menopause and more. For example, when I was in my 20s I use to have a 24 inch waist.

As I've gotten older, not that I've gotten bigger, my body has just changed. I'm still fit and in shape but my waist line is now 26 inches.

Things just change and I'm not going to struggle to be a size 24 inch waist when I'm happy and still look look with a few more inches on me.


• Get rid of items that hold sentimental value - in a negative way.

I'm referring to clothing from your exes and any other items holding a negative memory.

Keeping physical reminders of the past holds you back and prevents your inner naughty girl from shining through.


• Separate out clothes that are in good enough shape that you no longer want but someone else might love.

There's actually a major overflow of old clothing in this country, so read other options that don't include dumping them on goodwill here, which has more old clothing than they can handle.


• Set aside clothes that are too big for you but you still love, you'll see why later.


• Try to not to have your entire wardrobe ALL black, add in some pop of color. It's ok to have black pieces just as long as you're not using black to hide behind or to make you appear skinnier because you're not happy with your body.

Many people think that wearing all black can make you look skinnier. But the truth is, it can actually make you look bigger if not worn correctly.

Nothing wrong with all black as it can be very chic and sexy but want to know you're wearing it for the right reasons.

Reuse It

You probably also have a few things you just can't part with. It could be an item you spent a lot of money on, good memories, a piece that's timeless, a dress you absolutely love but the fit is too big, or items that may not be in style now, but will come back later.

For example, maybe you were into baggy clothes but not anymore but still love some of the pieces.

For all of these items, ask yourself if you can re-use them. Can a baggy dress show off your figure better with a belt? Can a long skirt be altered for a shorter hem?

Can something with sleeves be transformed into sleeveless?

If you can't make it new again, it needs to go. Seriously.

To Alter, or Not to Alter

You always have the option of altering your clothing.

If a dress it too long, a shoulder too big or a hem not a flattering length for you, this is the time to get those clothes to a good seamstress.

If you can't see yourself wearing the item regularly after it is altered, then get rid of it.

But you can easily make something new again by getting it altered to fit better or to give it a new look.


You should also start to put the clothes you're keeping back in your closet.

I like to organize my clothes by color then by sleeve length.

I put all my day dresses in one section, evening dresses in another, tank tops next to short then long sleeve shirts which are all organized by color.

This way when I'm looking for a black evening dress I know exactly where to look. Or if I'm looking for a white long sleeve shirt I can easily find it. But do what works best for you.

If you've got the storage space, consider using vacuum-sealed bags to store away seasonal clothing.

Don't forget to organize whatever else you keep in your closet from belts and bags to shoes.

Line them up, fold them or hang them - as it suits. Consider using this guide for your accessories, as well as your clothes, too.

Time To Sell or Giveaway

For clothes you don't want to re-use, but are in good shape, you can sell them online to make money towards your new wardrobe.

You can also give them away to your friends, family or anyone who wants them. I prefer giving away my clothes to people I know will love them.

Once they have been picked through, I will donate the rest.

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