How To Wear Lingerie Under Your Clothes

How To Wear Lingerie Under Your Clothes | Naughty Guide

How To Wear Lingerie Under Your Clothes

I've seen it over and over again, women out and about who don't realize (or don't care) that lines from their underthings are showing through their clothes or that bra straps are on display. I'm all about being sexy, but naughty girls know it's better to keep it classy.

Looking messy or unkempt in any way just gives off a slutty vibe that should be avoided at all costs. So, here's the deal.

I've put together a list of items and advice that will help you look amazing on the outside and make people looking at you wonder how you got everything so put-together and perfect.


There is no excuse these days to have a bra strap peeking through your outfit. Each and every piece of clothing (just about) can be accommodated with support. From extreme low backs to criss-cross straps and halters, and everything in between, there's a bra for it.

If you want to economize and cut down on the number of bras in your wardrobe, try a multi-way bra. These are strapless bras that come with detachable straps and a multitude of loops on their perimeter for the straps to go into.

You get the ultimate versatility in one bra. Victoria's Secret has one bra that can be worn at least seven different ways, from one-shoulder to halter. There are also bras that work with extremely low-cut dresses and tops.

These are a combination of a bra and a corset. The corset section provides extra support while the cups hold your breasts. A plunging 'U' shape in the center allows for you to give the impression your breasts are just naturally perky, with no bra on at all.

It's not just sexy, kinky outfits that you need to carefully choose a bra for. You can ruin a T-shirt look if the bra underneath is overwrought with lace and bows. Enter the T-shirt bra. These are seamless bras that are meant not to show through even the thinnest cotton fabrics.

Color is an essential thing to consider when you're buying bras. Make sure you have comfortable, supportive bras in white, black and nude at all times.

Don't wear the wrong color bra under the wrong color top, e.g., black under white. If you have your basics down, feel free to buy bras in hot colors to wear under dark, non-transparent garments.

Avoid bras with clear plastic straps. They just look, for lack of a better word, trashy. The plastic looks cheap and is completely noticeable in the light.

A note on breast size: for some naturally well-endowed women, bra shopping can be tough! Minimizers are heavy and thick-strapped. Most strapless bras have a hard time containing your girls!

For you, there is hope. Spanx, for example, has a strapless bra that works wonders for large chests, though it's not made specifically for them. It's called bra cha-cha and comes with detachable straps for multi-way functionality.


The dreaded VPL should be a thing of the past for most women, and especially for naughty girls. Girls like us aren't afraid to go commando if we can't find the right pair of panties for the right outfit.

But, there are so many options these days, we tend to go without panties for entirely different reasons. There was a time when thong underwear was scandalous; not anymore. It's the go-to style for women everywhere, especially since the lacy thong was introduced.

Unlike string thongs that can dig into soft sides and create lumps and bumps, the ultra-stretchy lace thong has thicker sides that sit on top of your hips, rather than dig into them. Another option for ultra short skirts and shorts is the seamless boy short style of panty.

You won't have VPL, as they stop just beneath your buttocks, and you won't have cause to be embarrassed if you forget to keep your legs crossed, or find yourself in an accidental situation such as falling down.

Hey, it can happen on a night out! Whatever you do never, ever, ever let a thong come up higher than the waist band of your bottoms, even when bending over. When it comes to panties, you should always wear what fits your outfit first and your mood second.

Just avoid the dreaded grandma panty as doggedly as you avoid VPL.

Body Shapers

These are garments made with strong Lycra that are meant to flatten your tummy and/or lift and minimize your backside. When it comes to body shapers, you tend to get what you pay for.

Sure, they're available at discount stores like Wal-Mart or Target, but it's best to stick to a gold standard brand like Spanx, even though it might cost more. The average low-cost body shaper does more harm than good.

It can create muffin tops and bulges even on skinny women as its ultra snug seams dig in to soft skin. Even Spanx aren't foolproof for everyone, which is why your best bet is always to try on a body shaper before you commit to wearing it out.

Look at it from all angles, look at it on in good light as well. Even try it on with the clothing you intend to wear it with, so you can make sure it smooths rather than creates uneven texture. Try on different sizes, too.

I know it sounds arduous, but looking red carpet ready is worth it. If in doubt, make sure you move around in your body shaper. Can you sit, stand and walk comfortably? If not, keep on trying on.

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