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7 Ways To Instantly Look Skinnier

7 Ways To Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Living
Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide

7 Ways To Instantly Look Skinnier

If you're like any girl, you would like to look your best and this includes looking slimmer in certain areas.

We ALL have our problem areas we would like to look slimmer from our arms, boobs (yes some women would like their boobs not to always be center of attention), tummy, bum, legs, etc.

For me, it's always been my tummy! I've tried everything from working out to eating healthy, but no matter how hard you try sometimes, it won't go away.

So I've found ways to slim it with the way I dress and so can you with your problem areas. Check out my tips below to help you look your best!

Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide

Postmark Dress

Ruched Dresses

Problem Areas: Waist, Tummy, Hips, Bum

Ruched dresses have become all the rage in the last few seasons. They are the new LBD classics for their function and their ultra flattering silhouettes.

They are gorgeous tight fitting dresses for women who like to show off their shape. But don't fret, they are perfect at hiding belly bulge, cellulite, dimples, big bottoms, muffin top, and large hips.

I love them especially when I know I'm going away on a long holiday and will be drinking, as they help to hide the belly bloat you can get from food and drink indulgence.

Here's how to wear them to conceal your problem areas: A dress with ruching will have extra material near the abdomen and/or on the backside.

When you put on the dress, you will want to fluff the material around your tummy or backside to help conceal the area(s) you want.

It's best if the tapers off to one side at the smallest part of your waist, which will give you an hourglass shape.

Some ruched dresses even come with control paneling in the ruching area for extra flattening effects.

Available in all lengths, there's one for every comfort level from tight to loose fitting material.

The ruches help to not only make you look more shapely and conceal your problem areas, they cover up any skin texture issues you don't want showing through your dress.

They're perfect for either day or night, when you want to look your best even though you may not be feeling your best.

Or for when you want to enjoy yourself by eating and drinking as much as you want without having to worrying about your tummy bloating.

Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide



Problem Areas: Your Entire Body

Black can be VERY slimming when worn CORRECTLY. But when not worn correctly, black can actually make you look bigger than you are!

I've known many women who not happy with their size who wear black because they think it makes them look slimmer, when in reality it's making them look bigger.

If you're insecure about your curves, hiding behind black is very tempting. But I'm here to tell you that a fitted black garment will slenderize your figure any day over one that is too big for you.

Wearing black is ALL about creating curves on your body to make you look more slimming, and here's how below.

1. It's fine to wear a black sweater dress but add a belt to it that cinches at your waist to give you shape and create a waist line. This will instantly make you look slimmer.

2. If you have problem areas and you want to wear a tight black dress, all it will do is show off your problem areas instead of hiding them.

As mentioned above, a black ruched dress would be perfect for you making you look slimmer along with showing off your sexy curves.

3. Make sure to pair your outfit with a pair of black pointy heels or boots, if you're going for an all black look, as they will make your legs appear slimmer.

4. High-waisted pants can be very slimming as they already create a waist line for you.

5. Skinny pants help to make your legs look slimmer and if they are high-waisted even better as they make your waist look slimmer.

6. If you have big arms, sometimes wearing a shirt or dress with tight sleeves can make them look bigger. Instead where a top with loose fitting sleeves, more flowy.

7. When wearing all black from head to toe, make sure to follow the tips above starting with pointed heels, high-waisted pants, sweater cinched at the waist, etc. This is just one example, but can be worn many ways.

Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide


Self Tanner

Problem Areas: Your Entire Body

This is a little secret that not only helps you look thinner, it helps you look healthier, younger and more defined. A sun kissed self-tan is going to give you an all-over slimming look!

My favorite self-tanner is by Jane Iredale, Tantasia. Her makeup and body products do not clog the pores, so they're okay to wear when sleeping as you won't break out.

It's best to wear latex gloves when putting on the self tanner so it doesn't stain your hands, plus it makes it easier to put on. Then just throw away the gloves for an easy clean up.

Plus I like Jane Iredale because it's not super dark...I just want a sun kissed glow. And it washes off easily the next day as sometimes you don't want your tan to stay on as long. Or to keep applying the self tanner each day, where it builds up and looks funny.

There are so many options to pick from, it really comes down to your preference.

You can even visit a salon to get a professional application of self-tanner. I don't prefer these as they can look good at first but once they start to fade, it becomes noticeably that you have a spray tan as it can get splotchy.

Or sometimes you see the mistakes right away after application and there's not much you can do about it. So you have to live with the mistakes until it fades away.

I had a trade show once in Vegas and went to get a spray tan at a popular tanning salon that had it's own reality show. My tan was so horrible for the entire trade show.

And I couldn't wash it off the entire weekend. As it faded it looked worse. I had to wear clothes to cover it up. That's when I stopped doing spray tans as I always had some problem

This is why I prefer tanning lotions that you apply on your own as you can get into all the crevices so no areas are missed along with getting on an even application. Plus tanning lotions usually are easier to wash off.

Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide


Problem Areas: Legs

If you're not in the habit of wearing heels, then start practice walking in them now. They not only make your legs look sexy, they give length to those self-tanned gams that will add even more thinning power.

You don't have to wear four inch heels to give your legs length, you can easily wear two inch heels to get the same effect.

Here are quick and easy ways to make your legs look slimmer by wearing heals:

1. The ideal color to make your legs look their longest and slimiest? Nude, of course. Make sure the nude matches your skin tone.

2. Try not to wear heels with straps around your ankles as they can make your legs appear shorter.

3. Wearing pointed heels or boots can quickly make your legs look slimmer. Rounded toe heels can make your legs appear shorter.

4. Show off your Toe Cleavage with heels that reveal the top of your toes. The lower the cut, the longer the foot looks which instantly makes your legs look longer and slimmer.

5. Skinny heels that don't have a lot of shoe...more straps. Less shoe shows off more of your foot, making it appear naked. And just like wearing nude shoes, skinny heals will have the same effect.

6. Wearing long boots that go up your thigh over pants or dress can really make your legs appear slimmer with lengthening your legs.

Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide

Insta: femmeblk

High-Waisted Pants

Problem Areas: Tummy and Legs

Another amazing way to look slimmer and taller while hiding your tummy, invest in high-waisted pants. As mentioned before, they automatically give you a waist line along with making your legs appear longer.

Remember that the longer the hem, paired with heels will make your legs look even more slimming. Also, wearing pants with vertical stripes can also create the same effect.

Plus high-waisted pants are all the rage with tons of amazing options and honestly they always come back in style.

Starting in the early 1900s when women finally had the freedom to wear pants. They have have been in style almost every decade since then.

I love high-waisted pants and just started wearing them 2 years ago for both yoga and everyday. They help to cover up my tummy when I feel bloated along with giving me long legs...or should I say even longer legs since I already have long legs.

Be careful of Capri pants, for some body types, as they can make you look shorter and add pounds to your frame.

Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide


Show Off Your Curves

Problem Areas: Chest, Tummy, Hips, Bottom, No Curves

Just as with wearing black, many women who aren't comfortable in their bodies will wear clothes that are too big for them thinking it's making them look skinnier by covering up their curves.

They couldn't be more wrong! They are actually making themselves look bigger!

Don't cover up your curves, show them off! Showing off your curves will actually conceal your problem areas because the eye is drawn to your curves, not your problem areas.

So an easy way to show off your curves are by wearing pinup style dresses, using a belt with a dress or shirt that cinches at your waist to create a waist line, pencil skirts, high-waisted skinny pants.

This goes for skinny girls who don't have a lot of curves. You can easily create curves with the above suggestions even adding a push up bra to give you curves on top.

Herve Leger is a great dress for creating curves both on skinny and curvy girls. For example, I have natural curves on my body...however my sister is tiny and doesn't have a lot of curves. But when she wants to create curves, she puts on one of my Herve Leger dresses and it hugs her body perfectly.

Don't worry if you can't afford Herve Leger, as there are many designers who make bandaid type dresses.

Even wearing a Ruched Dress, as mentioned above, can create curves on your body along with hiding any flaws.

Look Skinnier Instantly | Naughty Guide


Problem Areas: Your Entire Body

You heard your grandma telling you to sit up straight and no doubt your music instructor did too.

But it's not just about being polite or playing the flute better. It'll make you look up to five pounds thinner, instantly, along with giving you instant confidence.

Posture also sends the physical signal of confidence. They say the majority of human communication is locked up in body language.

Stand up straight and you'll be telling people you're a woman who can handle her own, plus good posture helps you to look better in your clothes.

It's never too late to learn how to stand up straight! When trying on clothes in the mirror, look at your posture and practicing walking and sitting. Sitting and good posture is just as important.

Think of a girl you say who had bad posture not only when she walked but was sitting and how unflattering it is.

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