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The Naughty website is dedicated to all things naughty to help you live the life you want! My name is Sienna Sinclaire, and I'm a dating and sex coach, and I write naughty travel guides. I'm here to help you tap into your inner naughty self by making you feel more sexual and gorgeous in and out of the bedroom.
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Traveling is such a learning experience not just about different cultures but about yourself. Had so much fun in Buenos Aires learning the art of Tango.
It’s not just learning the steps, there’s SO much more to it. Learning how to communicate through dance without words, trusting someone else to lead you, closing your eyes and following someone’s body, getting in touch with yourself through dance, opening up, and just learning to let go.
It was quite the learning experience for me, not just about dance but about myself. So happy for the experience.For those of you who don’t know, I have a love of latex. I have an entire closet full of sexy latex outfits. Some I wear out to dinner. I love the way latex hugs a women’s sexy! The hat and bodysuit are both latex by my favorite designer @atsukokudolatexWhat are you up to tonight?Good night 😘 Staying home tonight to relax, get work done, eat healthy, and catch up on my sleep 😴Had such an amazing Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires! Click link in my bio
👉🏻@siennasinclaire to go on your Tango Adventure and how to have a Tangogasm!!!
Took tango lessons, went dancing at Milango’s nightly, had amazing Argentina food, meet amazing people and even had time for a photo shoot for my clothing line!
Sunglasses, top and shorts are from my upcoming clothing line.Tango legs 💃Posing by the pool before I take off to my Tango class 💃
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